Distribution of bespoke e-liquids

In order to provide a unique, origianal and unforgettable experience to the vapor, we have endeavoured to establish a "avant-garde" Vape Bar system. The consumer can thus choose from 15 generic VAPINDIGO flavors and combine multiple aromatic combinations at will and according to his personal desires in terms of taste and nicotine dosage.

The Vapindigo Bar has a two fold objective

To satisfy vaping customers by giving them the freedom to invent their own recipe, choose the level of nicotine that best suits them, and have a product instantly made before their eyes. The prosperity and development of our customers company through a dedicated and ingenious system thought for them, including software, vape bar unit, printer, all easy to use, fast and highlighting their expertise. We have already applied all new TPD regulations for the development of our VAPINDIGO e-liquids We genuinely use premium quality nicotine of 99.9% purity, produced by one of the world's largest suppliers. VAPINDIGO is an infinite choice of flavors and nicotine levels from 0 to 18 mg, thus enabling over 10,000 combinations in total.

An innovative quality product

We already lean on the dictats of the new regulations TPD on 2016 for the elaboration of our e-liquids

We use a premium quality nicotine, 99.9% pure, produced by one of the world's principal suppliers.

VAPINDIGO it is more 10,000 combinations in total.

Why to choose vapindigo ?


100% French

Vapindigo is a French brand with a controlled production in the greatest respect of modern medical standards, including 2016 TPD European standards.


A wide and varied
range of aromas

wide and varied range of aromas for the delight of consumers, according to their need or want. These flavors are the result of intense research for over 12 months.


A unique and futurist Vape Bar concept

Our concept has been designed to satisfy both the end consumer but also our professional customer who can thus offer a vast array of original e-liquids that are qualitative and with an interactive touch.


Regular quality

Quality tests are performed throughout production according to current medical standards, thus giving our e-liquids similar quality to those required by pharmaceuticals products.

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